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Posted By Webmaster , 05-Mar-18

Easter in Majorca or also known as Mallorca uncovers the traditional and religious shade of this island. Holy Week, Holy Thursday, Good Friday , Passion of Christ and Angel Sunday are few of the top Easter time activities in Majorca.

What is there in your mind?

Want to have a thrilling trip to the zoo, want to opt for horse-riding, want to dive into Water Park, or want to take up go-carting!?

 Spain’s amazing island Majorca is top destination that one can plan this Easter holiday. Majorca is popularly famous for bewitching beach beauty, ravishing resorts, cozy coves and the ancient remains and relics of Roman as well as Moors. How can one miss the fabulous nightlife at Palma? Further the visit to Santa Maria Cathedral is a must.


Majorca has been among the top edged destinations for long. Have fun along with sun in the beautiful destination Majorca. You will feel yourself at ease in a relaxed mood and there are ample of activities that further refresh your spirits to the full.

Explore the Joy of Majorcan Beach

The most alluring spots are the beaches of Majorca.In Majorca there is going to be a fountain of joyous moments which include beauteous beaches. Such a sight can rejuvenate the down spirited ones and refill them back to high energized ones. Calla Millor is one of the worth seeing place to behold beach beauty. You must also visit Cal D’Or where beautiful waters of beaches bewitch and there is an array of wonderful restaurants. This beach beauty is the real taste of Majorca that is quite irresistible.

 Leisure Discovering of Palma City

It is indeed a pleasure to stroll around the streets of Palma City that can provide a great historic view of Majorca.Nightlife at Majorca is another attraction that cannot be missed. Try the best that grab you near Palma, Palma Nova and Magaluf leading the way with their neon-lit bars and bass-pumping clubs. Majorca’s boutique-brimming, tapas-loving capital city draws a cosmopolitan cocktail crowd, too.

Top Ravishing Resorts

Cala Bona, Palma Nova, Alcudia, Magaluf, Santa Ponsa, Calas De Mallorca are the top opulent beaches. One must try these when you happen to drop in Majorca.

Delicious Eateries

In Majorca, you are going to taste traditional Spanish cuisine. The choice is completely yours: whether you go for taverns by the waterside or opulent Michelin restaurants or hotels. The place asks locals as well as tourists to devour some of the best dishes prepared by super chefs.

Try Marc Fosh

Well known chef Marc Fosh offers yummy dishes using the best traditional stuff. His restaurant was awarded in 2014. Seasonal food is available here. You can find good food at a reasonable price.Es Molí d’en Bou, Zaranda, Es Guix, Lua, Finca Es Serral, Es Celler de Petra, La Boveda- these are some of the chosen few where one can have food and enjoy it like anything.

Enjoy the excellent weather. The place is replete is beaches that attract unmistakably. Book your plan to Majorca in time to explore beautiful attractive spots that are worth seeing.

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