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Posted By Webmaster , 07-Mar-18


Fashion scattering Scandinavian city Copenhagen is a must see destination, Not to be missed at any cost. Studded with royal history, replete with culinary brilliance and the home of Europe’s master museums- Copenhagen is most sought after place by thousands throughout the year. Tourists die to visit this wonder city Copenhagen specially. The unlimited beauty stretches from beaches to the streets.


Tivoli Hotel, Copenhagen Star Hotel, Ascot Hotel, 71 Nyhavn Hotel, Copenhagen Island are the top ranked hotels that offer the best of facilities along with great infrastructure.


When you are in Copenhagen, your top preference should be Tivoli Gardens where the panoramic parks are breathtakingly beautiful. Not only the natural aspect is praiseworthy but at weekends you can experience the vigorous and vibrant feel of the place with fireworks shows and other amazing activities.


Shopping is something that cannot be lagged behind when you are at a new destination. You explore many markets and the best place to start your hunt is Stoget where everything on shopper’s list is available. For antiques and craft, you can try Norrebro Market.


The best of Copenhagen hugs you at night time. Much of the places are of party stuff where one can hang around for hours altogether. You must feel the dark fantasy of the city as the sun sets sown. There is a great number of nightclubs that welcome to the full. Norrebro has hub of such clubs that embrace you at night to charm and charge.


Explore the splendid and iconic Kronbourg Castle or visit Christiansborg Palace for ravishing interiors. The National Museum displays dating from the Stone Age to the modern day. Art-lovers will love to behold Louisiana Museum of Art that is a rare combination of unusual contemporary and antique classic collections.


Copenhagen is best known as the home of the humble Danish pastry. You will encounter a great deal of sweet treats to taste in Copenhagen. Danish locals are great people to help you to find some great cafés serving where sumptuously fabulous brunches are offered. Think poached eggs, hollandaise, cured meats, local cheeses, and of course, avocado on artisan toast.   

If you are looking for authentic Danish cuisine, try a Smørrebrød. Translated simply as butter bread, this moreish delicacy is an open sandwich piled high with cheeses, eggs, meats and fish; perfect for a sharing lunch. Alternatively, pick up a Danish hot dog from a Polse sausage stall. These tasty treats can be found on numerous street corners.

An endless chain of restaurants are there to welcome you in Copenhagen, each serving up a plethora of varying cuisines. New Nordic cuisine is especially popular, and many of the menus in the city feature authentic Danish dishes. Noma is one of Europe’s most distinguished restaurants. And it is situated in Copenhagen by the harbor side that lures locals as well a stourists. Here try off-the-wall concoctions such as lobster and lavender, or sea urchin and cabbage.

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